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  1. Cyril Ramaphosa is accused of keeping large sums of cash on his farm then covering up its theft.
  2. The measure - due to come into force on Monday - intensifies pressure on Russia over the Ukraine invasion.
  3. Both sides reach a first point of agreement in bid to end almost 60 years of war, the president says.
  4. Elnaz Rekabi became a hero of the protest movement after competing abroad with her hair uncovered.
  5. Suh Hoon is accused of covering up events surrounding the killing of an official by North Korea.
  6. President Bukele says the troops are surrounding a restive city, arresting suspects "one by one".
  7. Brazil great Pele is "still undergoing treatment and remains stable" according to a statement from his hospital in Sao Paulo.
  8. Four others were injured in the incident on board a cruise ship bound for Antarctica.
  9. The first new bomber in three decades could cost nearly $700m (£569m) per plane.
  10. Russia captured Mariupol earlier this year, and the images suggest it is consolidating its presence.

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