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  1. No one knew what to do with a lost Russian pilot who suddenly appeared in the occupied city of Kherson. The case has revealed the blurred line between pragmatism in a war zone and collaboration with the enemy.
  2. After 11 deaths, a series of government amnesties for illegally built homes is becoming a focus of a blame game.
  3. Rahul Gandhi is hoping to pull his once-mighty party out of the political wilderness. The future of India as a multiparty democracy may be on the line.
  4. After a weekend of protests, the authorities in China are using the country’s all-seeing surveillance apparatus to find those bold enough to defy them.
  5. A Ukrainian official urged civilians to leave the eastern bank of the Dnipro River, across from the city of Kherson, warning of the “possible intensification of hostilities” there.
  6. Miguel Tomasín, one of the few professional musicians with Down syndrome, has brought attention to the artistic visions of people with developmental disabilities, with his band releasing over 100 albums.
  7. The threat of U.S. sanctions jeopardized completion of a second direct gas pipeline from Russia. So Gazprom and German officials concocted a phony climate foundation to get the job done.
  8. In the face of possible impeachment, Cyril Ramaphosa has not been seen since the release of a damning report. But his allies are urging him to fight back and remain in office.
  9. The gunfire, which critically injured one security guard, comes amid increased tensions between the two countries.
  10. These misty and damp parts of the country have long beckoned to mushroom hunters with the promise of plenty, but now peril, too, lies beneath the earth’s surface.

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